Do you like the autumn? I know it's almost end but still I couldn't help but ask you this. I thinks it's a great season for inspiration and realizing all your plans. You know. while staying under warm, soft blankets with a cup of hot tea, you can devote all your attention on reading, studying, programming future, inspiriting and so on. What about me, I adore the autumn! I have never heard about 'fall depression' cause I just never have it! First of all, as you know, my birthday is in autumn. But, there're also lots of reasons to love this seasons...

  • cute warm accessories such as scarfs, caps, hats and gloves. Just don't immerse into dark tones, and a vary wardrobe with some multicolor jackets and winter accessories.
  • folks, it's time for hot teas, chocolates, cappuccinos and other taaasty drinks we couldn't let ourselves drink during the summer.
  • new seasons of favorite tv-shows
  • bright colors outside, golden leaves on trees, romantic mood
  • (my favorite one) you can just be LAZY and you're justified! study/sleeping/films/books... you can actually do whatever you like staying in the bed during cold autumn evenings.
Actually, these're just 0,0001% of all benefits of the autumn. You just have to remember that independently on the season, the life goes on, and we just have to pull out all the advantages of every single day.
Meantime I share with you some pictures taken by me. You can also see more my photo-works on my FACEBOOK PAGE (LIKE IT!) or on FLICKR. Don't hesitate to subscribe!

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