Outfit ideas for winter.


Hi everyone! Winter is about to begin and cold days are yet to come. But, as you know, frozen weather is also a synonym of stylish outfits. You know, I'm keen on mixing different styles in my looks, but today I classified clothes you can wear in winter in 3 styles - Rock/Sporty, Casual and Chic. Switch your imagination on and combine, experiment, get inspired! These are just an ideas you can easily use in your everyday life. 

1. Sporty / Rock

Winter look n.1 - Rocky

Сет Winter look n.1 - Rocky пользователя andyregen с lips makeup

2. Casual

Winter look n.2 - Casual

Сет Winter look n.2 - Casual пользователя andyregen с white tops

3. Chic

Winter look n.3 - Chic

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