Book: Look number 1.


Hey guys! First of all, sorry for a looong absence, I needed this time to study, to solve some problems, but.. Here I am, with my head full of inspiration!

Also, I'm so happy to announce that I finally received my book with a lot of new photos to work with. This is a giant step towards my future job, and I'll be happy to start soon. It would be great to share with you all my 5 looks from that shooting, and I hope you'll like it!
I decided to start with this rock one. This style is one of my most favorite - maxi skirt, crop-top, metal accessories and smokey-eyes make up. Actually I don't always wear this look, especially while going to school but it perfectly represents sometimes what I feel inside me - rebel and rock, ready to achieve any purpose.

I wear:
Pull & Bear croptop
Vintage skirt
Bata heels
Bijou Brigitte accessories

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