My friends, my treasure.


Me like, probably, nobody else in this world can understand how does it feel when your friends are far away from you. In fact, since I have moved to Italy, all my best friends left in Ukraine and we meet only once a year and exchange some video calls via Skype once in some months during the year. Yeah, the life parted us, but the most important thing is to always stay in touch and keep trust in each other. 
I'm that kind of person who cannot stay without friends who actually can? Fortunately, now in Italy I found such a good friends that can always support me, who I can have fun with and who I can share sadness with. This is the most important. And, even if in this case life also tries to separate us (hey up there, are you kidding me?), still I feel enormously happy to have these people in my life, far from me or not, I DO feel their spiritual presence with me. Isn't it essential? 
I'm truly happy to share with you some crazy photos of my friends and me that have been shot lately, and try to send you some emotions we proved in that moment.
Do you prefer having a lot of friends or a little, but only the true ones? What is the friendship for you? I'll be glad to read your comments down here.

Have a nice day <3

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