Follow your heart.


Sometimes it happens that as soon as I open the page of writing a new blog post, I fill it with endless thoughts and phrases, and sometimes it's such on the contrary - I sit in front of a white sheet some hours, puzzling over phrases to say. This is what happened today. But suddenly a recent conversation with my friend came into my mind - conversation was banal - about books and movies (or it wasn't banal? because now very rare to find a person who really enjoys books or cinema!), and we ended talking about the people who does not seem like others. Probably in any group of people or class at school there is this type of person, a sort of  "out of collective" - which used to stay on his own, prefers rather to do the things he likes and sit alone lost in his thought, than to discuss actively the latest trends with friends.
Such people are everywhere. Somewhere they - "nerds"who is haughed by everyone. Sometimes people just do not pay attention on them. But certainly these people are victims of oblique views from others. The strange fact is that - books, movies and music teach us that such people are always ahead of everyone else. While other people spend time on useless talks about their tiny achievements, introverts silently reach their larger goals. Anyway, strangely the people that I admire (bloggers, photographers, artists, business leaders) - and those type of "introverts" used to stay alone at school and university and do everything by themselves. And they have achieved a lot, just because they never cared about what other people say about them. Talking behind your back? It means you're forward!
It's funny, but I also belong to this group of people. At school, I usually prefer to sit on the last desk with a good book or moleskine in hands, rather than talk about who was with whom in the club last Saturday. Someone might call me an old-fashioned nerd but... who cares if it feels so good? In fact, I didn't achieve much in my life, I can not be called example for teens to follow, but I know that going my own way, I can achieve much more than others. Importantly - do not listen to others, and just  follow your heart.

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