Light as a wind.


Hello, my stylish readers! Recently I feel soooo busy cause I still have not set up a mode for working school weeks. It's been almost a month since the beginning of school, but I feel that the summer was so long ago. There's my favorite season ahead - winter, so I'm infinitely glad.
Autumn for me was always a kind of  "transitional" season, the season of preparation of plans, implementation of working ideas and making plans for the future. I usually work a lot this season, study, watch movies, drink teas and hide under blankets in the cold autumn evenings. I like comfort.
But winter - it's something special for me. When the city is filled with Christmas lights, people of all ages start to believe in miracles. I'm lucky to live in a city where a lot of attention is paid to the decoration of the streets every year - indeed, whatever street you turn into, you will hit the amazing beauty of the Christmas lights.
However, I really miss Russian winter. Winter in my homeland. Endless snow, snow crunching underfoot in the morning on the way to school, snowstorms, and above all - a night snowfall illuminated by a street lamp. I would give anything to plunge again into the atmosphere of love and fairy tales.
While I was telling you about the winter (I don't even know why did I do it - just memories and nostalgia came into my mind) , I'm ready to share with you pictures that have nothing to do with the winter - on the contrary, I am glad that I caught the weather to capture these photos. This is my favorite "secret place", rooftop with a view of the whole city - there I like to come in moments of sadness, or when I want to talk, or just dive in a relaxing atmosphere.

A light breeze was blowing, and I decided to dress accordingly - easy vintage dress from Positano and favorite suede heels Alesya, just so much comfortable. Plus, my new favorites - heart-shaped silver accessories from Stroili - perfect combo!

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  1. Your secret place is very cool. It's like you are on top of the world.

  2. Beautiful rooftop photography, love you dress, so romantic looking!!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! ;) xo

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