Top 8 Fall / Winter must haves!


Hi guys! So today I'm gonna be sharing with you some latest trends and must-haves this autumn and winter, that can't lack in our wardrobe.

1. Sleeveless coat

wear it instead of the classic coat in warm weather, and on top of the jacket when it's cold.

2. Sack Bag

not the most practical, but very charming accessory in the style of the 1970s

3. Cape

aristocratic cape, which never out of style already that season. requires a royal posture and graceful wrists

4. Hessian boots

In the old days: the high cavalry boots, and now the ideal footwear under the trapeze dress or suit

5. Long gloves

perfect accessory for a dress or a coat with three-quarter sleeves

6. Maxi pullovers

hard to imagine the fall and winter without a comfortable but stylish pullover!

7. Jockey kepi

in windy weather combine with warm headphones, in order to create a fashionable image, and most importantly - do not catch a cold!

8. Tartan

Must-have print of the season. Can be perfectly applied on "high-school" skirts, modern trench or classic suit.

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