Book look number 2.


Hi everyone! Here I am again with the second look from my book. Choosing the looks, I tried to create a sort of mix of colors in order to reflect my inner world. The first look was kinda rocky, this one is colorful and summer instead - just to evidence the child that lives inside me. I adore colors. And summer. 
And anyway, I won't stop repeating that bright colors come first. Always! They can make your day, cheer you up, help you to be more memorable to others. And just to brighten up dark winter days - it's so important in the winter! Of course, when the wind is blowing frosty - do not wear a short dress color. In this time of year, you can easily combine outdoor clothing of different colors. And do not forget to smile - the most beautiful girl are those who shine from the inside! :)

I wear:
Vintage dress;
Bata heels;
Bijou Brigitte earrings

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