Fresh start or How to get ready for the New Year!


New Year is knocking on our doors. 5 days more - and we will open our doors to him. I bet, for everyone of us the New Year is the day, which means the beginning of a new life, drawing up new plans and purposes, a fresh start and an opportunity to change and correct. Even though I'm a type of person who's convinced that we don't have to wait for the 1st of January to start something new or to promise ourselves to improve something; I think that every new minute, every new day, every rise of the sun gives us this kind of possibility. But still, I'm waiting impatiently for the beginning of new year, like for the sort of the motivation. When the chimes strikes 12, we enter into the new year - a year of Green Wooden Sheep, according to the Chinese horoscope. I don't actually believe that the new year should be welcomed wearing some special clothes, ideal for the year of Green Sheep, or prepare special dishes in order to give yourself a good and prosper year. However, there's the moral need to prepare for the new year, give yourself a number of promises and never give up. I made a short list of how to prepare for the new year and that promise to myself - I'll also apply this list on me, so let's make the new year the best in our lives together :)

1. Buy a daily-planner
There're a lot of advantages of having a small daily-planner every time with you. You will never forget about your affairs, you'll know precisely what you gotta buy in a supermarket (and save yourself from buying unnecessary things). Also you can note some thoughts that come to your mind during the day, inspiring quotes or sources, or just draw something while you're bored. I know that nowadays we all have our smartphones to do i, but let's be honest - no smartphone will ever replace a real handwriting, real emotions that you feel while note something in your daily-planner. Plus, the scientific fact is that when someone writes down something personally (not types in the smartphone) - he remembers it better. 

2. Make a list of plans for the New Year.
It's always good to be sure about what you're waiting from the coming year, what places are you gonna visit or what stuff to buy.

3. Make a photo diary.
Starting from the 1st of January, take one photo every day and post it somewhere, for example on Tumblr. It doesn't matter if the photo will be taken with your phone or with your tablet, or with the most expensive camera. It will help you to find good and priceless things around you every day.

4. Complain less.
Just make a challenge.  Try to live two weeks without complaining. No 'i can't do it', no 'this girl look makes me loose my temper', no 'i hate metro in the morning'. No no no. Every time you're about to complain, just shut up. And notice how your life would change. If you'll like it, continue not to complain during a month and  then, during all your life.

5. Improve your skills.
Wanna learn a new language? Or maybe how to skate? Or how to draw manga? It's never too late to learn something new or improve your old skills. New year - new start.

6. Take care of your health.
In order to feel and look better, you should pay attention on what you eat, how often do you do a workout, and how do you think.

7. Read more.
I won't be the first who admit that reading develops your brain. You have more topics to discuss about with others, you speak and write more correct. Even if you don't used to like reading, you may find a book that will be interesting for you. Classic literature, biographies of great people, psychology books... Find what you like and read, read, read.

8. Travel.
Even if you don't have enough money to go to the USA or Australia, you could travel even to the city next to yours, you can explore countries and lands walking on foot. The benefits are infinite! Better health, you may learn more about people's characters, their costumes, their habits. It's always amazing to discover new things, new places and new people.

9. Do whatever you want.
YOLO. You only live once, dude. Obviously, within reasonable limits, but you gotta do whatever you want, say about what you feel, surround yourself with people who brings you up and NEVER regret about anything.

10. Dream and DO!
Dream, plan and do. No comments need. Just hustle to make your dreams come true in the new year cause the impossible is possible.

P.S.... and do not forget to sum up the 2014 in order to now repeat old mistakes, leave bad people in the passing year, and literally start a new life.

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