What's inside my bag?


Bags are one of my most strong obsessions. Every time I go shopping I can't help but buy a new one for me. In my shelf I've got a lot of big bags, clutches, backpacks etc., that could be perfect for every occasion. Preparing this post, I couldn't decide which one to show you, I actually couldn't choose my favorite one. This is why I decided only to show you what's inside my bag, and later I'll devote a special post to my bag collection. So...what's inside my bag? The things I always put in can vary on the situation and occasion, but there's a special combo of things I'll never put out of it.

1. Moleskine. I adore their notebooks! For now I've got only two Moleskine notebooks - one for drawings with completely white papers, and one for writings, collages, memories, etc. This one, from the limited "The Simpsons 50th anniversary" edition. I'm crazy about this cartoon, and so I am about this notebook. It's always with me, so if some inspiration or idea come to my head, I can immediately write it down.

2. A pen. It's obvious, if you've got a notebook inside your bag. I hate ordinary pens, this is why I always buy colorful pens, with different cartoon characters or just those ones with particular design.

3. Sunglasses. I can't go out without sunglasses, even in winter! I have light blue eyes, which are very sensitive and, if there's a sun, I literally suffer without them.

4. Hand cream. I'm obsessed with my hands, this is why I always take care of them, both in summer and in winter. I bought this one in Ukraine and it's pretty nice protective cream.

5. iPhone. Where could I go without my smartphone? I don't depend on social networks, but I need my phone to write down some notes or events, create to-do-lists, take photos or listen to music.

6. E-book. Even though I prefer real books, I can't always find a book I need. I bought this PocketBook two years ago and I completely adore it. It accompanies me in every trip or wherever I go, there're about 1000 books inside...for all my life :D

7. Wallet. Obviously. There're money, discount cards, season tickets, bus and metro tickets, etc.

8. ID Card. My Italian one. Even if I'm always afraid to forget it, I need it, for example, when cinema workers don't believe me that I have 16 years to watch certain films :D

9. Make up kit. I don't need all my beauty case, just these 3 things to adjust my make up - Lancome compact powder, L'oreal concealer and Sephora eyebrow kit.

10. Sanitizer. Can't go out without it. It always helps me to clean my hands after using public transport or things like that, I'm very obsessed with it.

11. Camera. Not always, but very often my camera is with me. As you know, I adore photography, i take photos of everything and everywhere. This is why I need it - not to lose moments. The camera I use is Canon 550D.

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  1. Я в восторге от Вашего блога! Совершенно случайно нашла Вас, и хочу сказать, что Вы молодец! Желаю Вам удачи с Вашим блогом!)

    Буду рада увидеть Вас в своем блоге)

  2. I enjoy reading "what's in my bag" posts such as this one.. and this is the first post I ever come across mentioning hand sanitizer considering the amount of junks we tend to carry in our bags haha