Capri Island. Pt.2


It's been a year since my last trip to Capri. Truth be told, when I came back, that year seemed do be yesterday and I realized how fast time passes by. Again. Anyway, nothing changed - still those tourists, usual shops and streets, atmosphere of summer, luxe and splendor of this small island. And I fell in love with it again. Last year I had a possibility (and time) to visit only Grotta Azzurra, and this time I took a boat tour that showed me all around the coast, with all its natural arches, numerous caves, crystal-clear water. Another reason why I love this island - its exceptional luxury and feelings that overwhelm my chest when I go into at all deluxe shops, go into the details handmade clothes. Definitely, if I could chose one place to spend summer in, I would choose Capri.

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  1. Здравствуй! Я наградила твой блог)
    Надеюсь, тебе приятно) Поздравляю)

    1. Привет! Спасибо большое, невероятно приятно ^^

  2. Просто невероятно красивые фотографии. Уверенна, что в живую все выглядит еще лучше)