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Sunglasses Prada // Pullover Zara // Trousers Terranova // Accessories Bijou Brigitte 

Days are passing by so fast and I'm preparing for a new trip again.July is over in two weeks and I can't realize yet that the half of summer is in the past. I'm happy that this month is full of small trips, even in usual places, but always with new enthusiasm and feelings like never before. I can surely declare this month a month of travel, self-development, and inspiration. Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Rome for a fashion shooting and I feel so excited about it. Suitcase has to be done tomorrow, so many clothes has to be packed for it.
Have I ever told you of being a huge fan of Terry Richardson? I follow his for years and I've seen a lot of his works (also, uncensored. very uncensored ones) but still I adore him in his in full view in his photographs. Obviously, I'm not gonna even try to take the place of Terry and don't want to copy his works. However, the style in which he shots I really like, so I was amazed by the result of this shooting. This look appears to be so fashionable and rock, because I honestly didn't even planned to do this shooting, the idea came to my mind suddenly while I was reading a book in an afternoon. 
Special trendy mood and a drop of chic give these beautiful sunglasses by Prada, in which I am in love with at first sight! I love sunglasses, I have a whole collection of sunglasses with different brands and forms. What are you obsessed with?

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