Capri Island. Pt.1


The cities without a sea are just heap of concrete boxes with people in them. least I used to think like this since I've been living in Italy. By now, the sea has become an integral part of me. When you sit in the boat in a few kilometers from the coast, and you look back at that thin strip of land, you think you're so small on such a big sea, in such a big world. In such moments you can't help but stare into that huge amount of water in front of you and all your negative thoughts and worryings pass away. If you don't think so, you should try. This is the best recipe for for ridding yourself of bad thoughts and old problems. Plus, you can feel you can feel an indescribable feeling of unity with nature, when seagulls hover around you, water drops fall on your skin, that is blazing from the sun, while on the ground there's playfully perfect balance of light and shade from the sun setting over the horizon. These're perfect moments.

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