Back to school: Some useful tips.


Hi my stylish friends! Today I wanted to give a pause to the series of fashion topics in my blog and write about something different, but still useful for you. It's not a secret, that the school (college, university...) is about to start. I adore this period, when it's September, you're fresh and full of energy after holidays, you buy a lot of school stuff, meet your old friends and classmates. Unfortunately, for most of us this marvelous period lasts about one month, and then we feel tired, nervous and pray holidays to start as soon as possible. This is why I'd like to share with you some tips (that I successfully apply in my school life) to make your academic year more easy and interesting.

1. Comfy outfits.
That's not a secret, that you have to weak comfy and cozy clothes when you go to school (unless you have to wear a uniform), because in this way, you can feel comfortable in the classroom and won't be distracted once again lifted tights or too short skirt. A comfortable outfit - does not mean 'not stylish' outfit. Bloggers around the world are teeming with trendy looks, consisting of sweaters, scarves, jeans, and boots. The main thing - to make you feel comfortable in what you wear.

2. Use backpacks
It's true that in the world fulfilled with beautiful trendy bags it's hard to choose a backpack for school. But, also in this case, fashion designers thought of everything for us in advance. Almost in every (online)shop you can find a perfect backpack for you - with different prints, made of various materials. Choose the perfect one for you. But  the most important advantage of using the backpack is not its stylish side - but it's very useful for your health. You will always have a flat posture, and the severity of the books will not make your arms and shoulders ache in the evenings. This is important - wear a backpack on both shoulders, and not on only one, as most of pupils do!

3. Motivation
Okay, this is the most important. How not to lose the motivation for studying during these loooong 9 month? It's difficult, I get it. But the most important thing is to know what you have to do and what are you doing it for. School is boring sometimes, but look at this problem from another angle - you'll be so well educated, erudite in every subject. Obviously, after doing the school, you wanna do something else. School is a good base for it, whatever you'd like to do. Just keep thinking about what you need and how to get it, follow your dreams and never give up.

4.Be inspired
To create a proper mood for studying, you must find films, music and pics you like. Obviously, they have to have something to do with school, studying and friendship. Films must be funny, something like 'typical-american comedies', music should me fast, so i can fulfill you with energy for work.

5. Organize your time and space
Your desk and room should be well-organized. Always. This is the key to success - so you can be well organised too and be able to do everything you planned. Plus, it's more easy to find everything. Plus, you feel more free and comfortable. Leave chaos for other occasions and holidays, during studies you have to be collect, organize, and forever inspired.

6. Attention to small details
There a lot of things that could inspire you. Colorful exercise books, pens, pencils, and other school stuff - buy and decorate everything as you want it to be - and the process of studying will seem to you more interesting! 

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