Flower Power


Dress - OVS
Chanel - noname
Bag - Carpisa

Gosh, I still can't realize that it's already August! How fast the time passes. It means that just in a month I'll celebrate my 19th b-day, and in month and a half I'll start the school again. I prefer not to divide a year on workable seasons; I mean, I can't understand people that say: "Oh, its spring, I gotta start doing a diet to be shaped by summer" or "Oh, it's the final month of the semester, I gotta start studying to pass my tests and exams". Stop, if you wanna reach something, you have to mix everything and go to your goal step by step. The most important is to have a harmony in ourselves.
Living in Italy, your summer probably will last till October, so I try not to limit my choice by dark and monotype clothing (let's leave it for winter, okay?), and this simple dress with flowers is the best choice, if you want to go to the bar with friends or to a mini party. Besides, floral print is still in trend!

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4 коммент.

  1. What nice dress! Thanks for your comment, sure we can follow each other! I'm following u on gfc, waiting for u!

    In a love affair with DW on lb-lc fashion blog

  2. Шикарный принт! Я на днях прикупила свитшот с цветочным принтом) Думаю, это не только клевый тренд, но и определенная женственность для любого образа и фасона)

    1. спасибо! абсолютно с тобой согласна :)