My perfume collection.


Hi there! Today I'm gonna show you my perfume collection. Someone of you can say that it's too big, other - too small, but, sincerely, I'm sooo used to every single fragrance of mine, that it reminds me of different parts of my life. Not to mention, that the smell is very important for me in every person. It seems strange, but the first thing I notice in a new person (apart from appearance and look) is the smell. This is why it's so important to me. Casually, almost on every holiday, like Christmas or Birthday, people used to give me perfumes - this is why I've got so many of them. They're not similar - some of them are sweet, some are fresh, some are strong. Every day, before going out, I used to combine my look to a perfume and vice-versa. I collected all my perfumes by type - strong, sweet, fresh.

Sweet ones (from left to right):
1. "Bond girl 007" by Avon
2. "I love Just Cavalli" by Cavalli
3. "Incadesence" by Avon
4. "Miracle" by Lancome (this is the second time I buy this perfume, it's simply amazing and this box is closed yet).
4. "Omnia" by Bulgari

Fresh ones (from left to right):
1. "Just" by Just Cavalli
2. "Acqua di gioia" by Giorgio Armani
3. "Make me smile" by  Avon

Strong ones (from left to right):
1. "Magnifique" by Lancome
2. "Desire" by Dolce & Gabbana
3. "Midnight poison" by Dior (+ body cream from the same edition)
4. "Fan di Fendi" by Fendi

Which are your favorite perfumes? What type of fragrances do you prefer?

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20 коммент.

  1. You've such a lovely perfume collection, I love Fendi too, so classy smelly:).

  2. indecisa tra quale profumo scegliere!!!

  3. Beautiful blog!amazing photos!

  4. D&G is my favorite :D


  5. Midnight Poison! il mio preferito!!

  6. I must say your style is very impressive! You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

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  7. Desire is absolutely my favorite!


  8. aw, i love Acqua di gioia!