My everyday summer make up!


Ciao, my beautiful readers! Today I'm gonna talk to you about my everyday summer make up. I wanna evidence - summer - cause my typical everyday winter make up difference a little bit. I think, that the summer one should be more light, fresh and clear.

 Anyway, here're the products I frequently use:
1. Compact powder by Lancome
2. Basic palette with eye shadows by Sephora
3. Blush in balls, Avon
4. Bronzer, Essence
5. Concealer, Rimmel
6. Mascara, Collistar
7. Eyeliner, Kiko
8. Shadows for eyebrows, Sephora (+ wax)
9. Foundation, L'Oreal.
And, of course, some of brushes.

Step 1: Foundation

All over the face I put a thin layer of foundation. I usually don't even use it in summer because of the tanning of the skin, but to maintain a smooth complexion, I'll put it up now.

Step 2: eyebrows, concealer, powder, bronzer.

Then, I put a little of concealer under my eyes and on small imperfections of the skin. I emphasize my eyebrows with light shadows from Sephora's palette. Then I put a little powder to remove luster so much hated by me from the face. Finally, I put on bronzer cheekbones. If you want, you can also apply blush, but this time I decided not to put them.

Step 3: Eyes

 At the end, I apply two types of eyeshadows (thay marked with * on the first picture) - the first one, beige, on whole eyelid, and than champagne - the color right under it, white and pearlescent, I put it on the inner part of the eyelid. If you want, you can also add a darker shadow on the external part of the eyelid, just to make the sight seem deeper. Also, as you want, you can add a little of eyeliner, but just a but - otherwise this makeup will lose its "summer and daily" function. Just a little bit to evidence the sight.
I prefer leaving my lips untouched, without any lipgloss or lipstick, maximum I can use a lip balm (but honestly I hate them hahaha). That's all!

If you liked this makeup, please let me know in the Comments below. Also, I would like to know, how do you prefer to do a make up in the summer! See you soon. xx

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  1. Отличные снимки!) Понравился ваш обзор)

  2. Oh my gosh..!!
    you look super cute and I loved your expressions :)

    And thank you so much for your comments on my blog..

    Following you now on GFC. Stay in touch :)


  3. Чудесный makeup, выглядите так нежно и естественно!

    Буду рада видеть тебя в читателях :)

  4. Great post! Love the foundation! You're beautiful.

  5. Love this makeup tutorial! Great lighting :) Let's stay in touch!