Lifestyle tips: How to start eating HEALTHIER!


   Healthy eating... It seems like an unattainable goal, especially if you do not strive to do it constantly. However, proper nutrition - is that really can help you achieve your desired goals. After all, we all want to get the body of our dreams and never lose it. Plus, proper nutrition gives you more energy, well-being and helps in training. Anyway, it's not so difficult to eat healthy.
    When you realize that you need to focus on the structure of food, and to distribute all the food throughout the day properly, healthy food will  become surprisingly pleasant. To do this, I want to share with you some useful advice that may help you with it.

1. Add proteins to your breakfast.
     Protein - this is what energizes our muscles and helps you stay in good and athletic form. Starting the day with at least 30 grams of protein not only quench your hunger, but also help you feel full throughout the day and eat less unhealthy snacks.
     As a bonus, since the body cleaves proteins harder than carbohydrates, protein breakfast will slightly increase your metabolism in comparison with carbohydrate one.

2. Bring snacks.
     During the day there will be moments when you will be hungry, but there're a lot of time before lunch or dinner . In order not to break on biscuits, cupcakes and cookies, it is necessary to take a few trays with food with you. This will not only quench your hunger, but also helps to stay away from unhealthy dishes.
     Here are some ideas of what you can eat:
 - Almonds, cashews or other nuts (avoid their salty and sweet analogues)
 - Boiled eggs
 - Protein cocktail (can be mixed with water, milk or juice)
 - Apples, oranges, grapes or other fruit
 - Protein bars

3. Put the vegetables in the forefront
     If you are not very fond of vegetables, the only one conclusion is - you do not know how to cook them. Try to diversify their vegetable tastes. Mix, simmer, cook vegetables in different combinations, and you will realize that it is really tasty. Add the vegetables in the omelet, stir in salads, cook on the grill and even make smoothies. Your body will love vegetables because of a feeling of freshness and lightness after them.

4. Eat whole foods
     One of the most effective ways to eat properly is to reduce to a minimum processed foods . Processed food - is food that has undergone to human treatment process. Bakery products, soft drinks, many types of sauces - all these are a great examples of processed foods.
    Unlikely you can buy food from the farm every morning, but try to include as many natural products as you can. Starting to eat this way, you will understand how really the food has to be felt in the body.

5. Drink a lot of water.
     I bet, you already know it. Every site about diets and healthy eating obviously say that you have to drink a lot of water. It's true - drinking about 2 liters of water will make your skin look more fresh, you will be less hungry. Drinking 2 glasses of water before eating will "prepare" your stomach for food and your metabolism will be faster. (I will post another article about water later!)

6. Do not deny on pleasures
     Do you love chocolate? Or maybe, you're crazy about pizza? Do not pass up this meal. Limit the amount of it, but it is not necessary to strike out it out of your life once and forever.
     Why? Because removing from your diet all your favorite food, will be difficult for you and most likely it will end with nothing. The point is that eating properly almost all the time, you can 'afford' a few small pleasures of your favorite delicacies. It also increases the chances that you will keep doing the healthy diet for a longer time. Just do not forget that these "failures" should be controlled and not very frequent, and if your aim will realize soon.

     Following these small but useful advice, it will be easier for you to pass to the proper nutrition and you will realize, that also healthy food can be delicious, tasty and beautiful!

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