10 tips about How to be a dream girl.


Hello everyone! So some time ago one of my friends started asking me questions about how I manage to look good, how I was able to lose weight, how I manage to "be such pretty" and so on. First of all, I just want to say that every girl is unique, and also has a unique approach to each person. It's impossible to distinguish the universal advice for all girls in the world how to be the most memorable and vivid. But in any case, there are some simple rules (which I started to stick to) that will help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Take care of yourself.

Needless to say that every girl musts look after her hands, hair and nails. If you do not do it yet - quickly fix the situation! The first thing that attracts one person's attention - is always appearance. A girl with nibbling fingernails, peeling nail polish and dirty hair will never make a positive impression on others. A girl who looks good - always feels confident and beautiful, and therefore every people thinks so about her!

2. Pay attention to your style and make up.

It's not about which type of make up do you do, it's about How do you do it. Needless to say that you have to do it according to the  occasion. I prefer natural everyday make up that can evidence your eyes and natural beauty.

3. Smile as much as you can.

It makes you happier. It makes more nervous your enemies. It makes you feel prettier and more self confident. So don't give up on smiling - in any situation you find yourself in - it will certainly give you more positivity and success. 

4. Be confident.

Talking about being confident, I won't be the first who say that's it's too important in the modern so society. There's no reasons to be in unconfident - you're unique, beautiful and with your own views on the world and on the things around you. Confidence is very important in making friends, getting success, and just be dream girls. Cause confident girls are always memorable. They always reach every goal they have and make their dreams come true. If you're not confident yet - follow the simple rule "fake it till you make it". 

5. Give a f*#k about other's opinion.

Who cares about what other people say? If you do, you should stop it. First of all, people are ALWAYS ready to judge you. "You can't combine clothes, your make up is awful, your life sucks and you're dumb". Needless to say that these kind of people just want to distract you from the path you chose. As Stalin said one day, "if people judge you, you are doing everything right". I'm not join on communism but this quote seems to have a real significance. If you want to wear the things you love, behave the way you used to, finally do the things you want to reach some goal - you should stop listening to others and stop trying to be liked by everyone. It's impossible , there will always be someone who wants you to fail. Just smile and go ahead. 

6. Live real life.

We're living in the age of computers, internet and smartphones. It's hard to resist a virtual life. But the point is that the virtual life is full of fake emotions,  rude people. And the most awful thing is that it just steals your time. That priceless time of your life. I'm not against the internet, I also spend enough time using instagram and blog, but I'm totally conscious about the among of time I spend there. It's limited and I would never give up on reality full of people you really love, real emotions and words. Cause the world and life is so unique and beautiful. There's no need to give it up choosing the internet instead. 

7. Study hard.

...and I'm not talking about good marks at school. They don't mean anything actually, the most important is the lever of your self improvement. It's much more important to develop yourself in those fields where you're more keen on, read more books, communicate with inspiring people, watch more motivating movies and just learn new things day by day.

8. Think positive.

Some time ago I was the one who was  so negative regarding on EVERYTHING. School, life, boys, my appearance, the way I do everything, But then, I read some books by Dale Karnegie, saw some movies about psychology and spent a huge amount of hours reading stories of people who changes their life. And I changed mine. Starting only from positive thinking, changing the way I see everything in my life. And it worked. The point is that, thinking positively, you make your life better, you don't become stressed so fast and often.

9. The real beauty is health.

The real way to be naturally beautiful lays through the things you eat. Everybody knows that the secret of having a perfect skin is in proper nutrition. In fact, excluding fast food, coca cola's and fried food from your life, your skin, body and health will thank you. So you will feel yourself easier and more confident. Add some physical exercises and you're done!

10. Be always inspired.

The last thing I'd like to tell you is about that special light in your eyes when you have a super idea in your mind, you feel mega inspired and productive. Don't lose it. Try to find inspiting things all over - magazines, books, pics, movies, people, websites. Inspire but not copy - be original! Study the people you admire, ask them about their success - it will make you feel more powerful and ready to reach new goals. And become happy. Happy girls are the prettiest...and simply, they're DREAM GIRLS.

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