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Hey guys! Sorry for so long absence again, I had some technical problems with my laptop, but now everything's okay and I'm full of new photos and posts for you! Stay in touch :)
In these day my new academic year has started and I feel tired as never before. It's normal for me at the beginning of a school year, but in these days a lot of amazing things have happened so I'm not so bothered about studying and other school stuff. So some exiting news will arrive in one of the future posts!
Anyway, surprisingly, September is warm enough. It's sad, cause it was raining all summer long (yeah in fact, I was maximum 5 times at the beach...) and now... what? Summer, sun, warmth and me at the school desk listening to something I'm not interested in. Okay, regardless on this, and also on the fact that I'd been staying without a PC about two weeks, I found some time to shot some last summer photos and outfits to complete this season and enter into the fall! This Simple black and White outfit - universal shorts and simple but cool tee with trend print - is exactly what you need for some night out with your friends in pizzeria or going out during a day, but if you'll add some massive colorful accessories to this look, but also (important!) - a bright red/fuxia matte lipstick and curly hairstyle - this look will be also suitable for nightclub or party.

I wear:
Vintart flats
Terranova shorts
Zara t-shirt
Vintage bracelets
Stroili ring

Special thanks to Serena for pics.

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