Here's to never growing up / My birthday party! +19


Hello my stylish friends! Today I'm happy to share with you some facts and photos about my past birthday party, which was on the 9th of September. Yeah, now I'm 19 years old, "adult and mature" as my mum says. Sincerely, I don't feel any difference between me 17, 18, and 19 years old, but I notice that I change inside me, I change my views on life, my tastes and so many other things. Mum is right - maybe I'm becoming more adult and everything is changing around me - clothes, friends, cosmetics, food. I change and this is the most sad thing - childhood is so far away. But, there's no need to be sad - life goes on and every age is beautiful on its way. 
This day was truly special for me. I gathered all my best friends around me, and they made my b-day so amazing, funny and unforgettable. Actually, all that day was happy for me - I received the presents I've been dreaming about, I really had fun, I had also a free treatment at my hairstylists'. This is what I call My day!

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