Flower Power


Hi my stylish friends! It's been awhile since my last post here, but I had some unexpected trips and things to do lately. But in this post I'm gonna share with you guys a lot of great news.
First of all, I must say that I'm searching for my new perfect blog design again. I'd been having my old template for too long and I just decided to change something and go ahead. This one (I mean, this design that you're seeing now on my blog) is temporary, I'm gonna change it when I'll have more time to do it. I'm not much in HTML things, and it's hard for me to create my own personal template, but I'm trying hard to learn it ('cause I like hard and unknown things).
Also, Today I turned 19! Yeah, this is my 'long awaited' Birthday, so this means a lot of Birthday posts ahead.
Anyway, in four days I have to start studying again. summer is over, but it doesn't mean the end of the summer. I'm enjoying the last free days now, trying to wear things I never put on me at school. The best solution for last days of summer can be a beautiful colorful dress or a dress with flowers. I chose the last one. I bought this maxi dress in Positano long time ago ('cause this is typical Positano style) but still in love with it. Plus, violet is my favorite color! Perfect with some comfy flats and some accessories. If it's windy, you can freely add a denim jacket and the look's complete. 

 I'm wearing:
H&M denim jacket
Dress, bought in Poritano some time ago
Vintart flats
Tally Weijl bag
H&M necklace

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