Does it really matters whether you're an extrovert or an introvert?


I'm 14 and I'm an introvert. Probably, the most strong example of this psychological phenomena. I've got no friends, I totally depend on the other's opinion, I dress tastelessly, I've got acne. I'm fat and I study a lot. Wait, I am a nerd introvert. This is even worse.

Now I'm 20 and, even if I haven't reached a lot of objectives, haven't inventet a wheel or discovered a new continent, things has changed. I've got a lot of friends and a small, but precious amount of more close ones. I don't give a damn about other's opinion. I dress whatever the hell I want and I do it good. I take care of my skin and body, and I self-improve a lot. I'm no more an introvert. Neither an extrover. I'm a human being.


The Internet of overloaded with psychological tests than promise to make you discover your real self thanks to a couple of stupid questions. Extroverts sounds just like a compliment; Introverts sounds like condemnation. But how come the internet know your personality? Aren't these tests sound a bit...ehm, stupid? Ovbiously, they will list you hundreds of advantages of being an introvert, but let's face it: in every job offer, in every community they'll prefer "sociable and sympathetic people", and you believe you're not like this and you just keeps staying behind the scenes looking at the life passing by you.

I think, the reason of these changes in character is more than evident: fear. If you're shy and talk a little, you're not an introvert, you are just scared of being judged, critisized, and you think nobody needs your opinion. If you're too funny, sociable and active, you're insecure and afraid of showing your real self, so now you're just hiding behind this "perfectly bright" mask. As you could deduce, I do not believe in the distinctions between introverts and extroverts. I believe that we're all equal, we're on the same level with others so we shouldn't hide our real personality or be afraid of being judges. In both cases, you're missing the real life, the real emotions and moments.

So just relax and be yourself. Don't be afraid of being too weak sometimes, or being too strong, of having your strong opinion that's too different from other's or having nothing to say and hide yourself behind the mask. We're human beings, we're equal and free. Do not forget about it.

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