Travel notes: Milano.


Milan - is not just a city. It is the style of life. And I'm not talking only about fashion, it represents one of Italian most industrialized cities with a lot things to see and to do.

If you expect to see small streets with flowers on balconies and Vespa's on roads you will be disappointed by Milan. It's not about Italian past, it's all about its future. If you wanna find historcal stones, ruins, streets and houses - welcome to Naples or Rome. Milan is totally different. Thanks to its wide streets, it gives you an impression of the greatness and bigness of the city. Even though it's quite smaller than Rome, for example, you'll feel like you're in ancient version of New York. Obviously, Milan is not as sizeless as The Big Apple, but certainly can give you a lot of opportunities.

One of the things that surprised me the most in Milan is its cleanliness, even in the most distant parts of the city. You cannot always find it in the south. Instead, Milan looks just like everything is on its place. It feels like it follows its rigid rules and never violates them. Seems like Victorian England, huh? 

Needless to mention people of Milan. Dressed so well, they're not walking, they're flying through the streets. You are probably thinking that I'm talking about all those fashionable it-girls, dressed in Chloè and Lanvin, but you're wrong. I'm talking about simple people with the sense of style, that's all.

My travel companions from Salerno used to repeate "Milan is like another world. It's like you're not in italy when you're here". Probably, I wasn't that shocked by it's greatness, cause I've seen big cities and I'm not so surprised, but to see Milan was a sort of discovery for me. I imagined it smaller. More ancient. More fancy. The reality is that it's a simple, big, clean city with the atmosphere which not everyone could belong to. You should have a milanentality - or the mentality of a Milan-citizen. You should run, get, keep your eyes open and take what you want. If you're not like this - who knows either it will change you or you wouldn't be able to bear with the life like this?... 

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