Halloween look: Pat McGrath inspired.


After a looong pause in writing, I finally realized how the hell do I miss blogging. Always. I'm being constantly inspired by beautiful photos of other bloggers, their stories and and lives. So why don't continue sharing mine? :) Another thing: I'm still extremely undecided in which language to write. English? Italian? Both? Who knows. Both options have pros and cons, but I still dont know. Let me know what do you think :)

Anyway, Halloween 2015 has passed! Did you have fun? What about me, I used to create a special look for about 4 years now, regardless on who I am with and where am I going to go. This year I chose a look inspired by Pat McGrath, a talented fashion makeup artist. The reason I'm in love with her art is that she's unusual and corageous in her makeup looks. Not only she creates simple nude looks for catwalks, but also puts a drop of creativity in it. Just look through some of her works - they're stunning and original. Although it can not be considered a real 'halloween look', I thought it's quite nice to be a sort of "strange twenties' girl". Plus, violet is one of my favorite colors. This look I actually found on Emma Pickles' YouTube Channel, also she is famous for her unusual and original makeup looks.

Summing up, it went out to be a cure retro-look thanks to which I got a lot of compliments that night haha.

Also, I created this "dead" look on my friend's face, so we went out, scaring people and asking for treat :P
So that you know, these are my previous Halloween looks.
2012 - something 'mine'. Not knowing what to do, I simply drew a web on my face, made a violet lips, and created enormous volume on my hair, thats' all. (which is hard to see as it was raining that day and all my volume want away -.-)
2013 - vampire look;
2014 - "Clockwork orange" inspired.
2015 - Pat McGrath inspired.

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