How to start doing things RIGHT NOW: 4 essential tips.


Let's face it - we all have a secret super plan in our heads. Fat people want to lose weight, office planktons want to move to Thailand and teens want to learn karate. The only problem is that all these plans are usually remain just plans. There're always some different circumstances and life events that constantly push these tasks towards for the future. There is only one way to break this "tradition" - is to take action today!

In this post I'd like to introduce you some tips that will probably help you to get up from the couch and start doing something with your life. Probably there's nothing new or genial in it, just tome basic rules everybody knows. But does everybody apply them?

1. The best time will never come

This is a favorite reason of the postponement of your grandiose plans. "I'll start working on programming when I'll have my days off free", "when it becomes warmer outside, I'll go running" "I'll start travelling when I earn more money" - is it familiar to you?

The truth of life lies in the fact that the ideal conditions for the big start will never arrive. It's just a psychological ploy for justifying their fears and indecision. When your 'long-awaited' condition arrives, you'll always find another one, more difficult obstacle. So, please note that if there's a perfect day to start, then it is today.

2. We can not predict the future

We can assess risks, analyze, ask the opinion of experts and weigh all the "pros" and "cons" for eternity. But the fact is that nobody is able to predict the future. It happens that the most crazy idea suddenly "shoot" and meticulous and accurate business plans are sinking.

Before you try your idea in practice, nobody in the world is not be able to predict its fate. And we are talking not only about the business or art, this applies to all the aspects of our lives. In the end, imagine that you will have to write a biography for posterity. You will be proud of your dreams or actions?

3. In life one always leds the other

Yes, it is true, only in real life, the "cause-effect" connections are so complicated that you can never predict them in your plans. Often, doing even a small step forward your can radically change your life. You start your business in one area, and quite unexpectedly, it turns out that its by-products begins to bring you a basic income. You write a quick note to your blog, and suddenly it gets catched the eye of an entrepreneur who offers you a job. You simply start going to a gym, and meet the love of your life.

Predict all the possible consequences of your actions is quite impossible. Actually, you can, but only in one case - if you do nothing. Then, nothing happens. Sounds quite boring, doesn't it?

4. You DO feel better. Immediately

There is nothing worse than uncertainty. There is nothing more destructive than unmade actions. Your inner voice will always keep saying you: "If only you talked to that girl..." "Do you remember how you wanted to quit your job?", "Do you remember your never started project? Look and others did it! ". It spoils the mood, causing stress and depression.

If you at least make an attempt to do what  scheduled, then you will immediately feel better psychologically, regardless of the result of an action. First of all because you will get the confidence that your life is under your control and you are doing exactly what is outlined.

Nothing happened? Well, shit happens. Even a negative result is much better than your undone dreams. Anyway, it's a great reason to turn the page and start a new project.

So what is the day today? I think, this is the best day to start! And what do you think?

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