My morning skincare routine.


Hi there! So today I wanna share with you some girly post and talk about morning care routine. Before all, I'd like to notice that I TOTALLY ADORE mornings. I dont know why, it just gave me a feeling of productivity, of freshness, of a new start. Everything wakes up, how sweet!
After a whole night of sleeping, our skin and face needs a special treatment. It's not that I'm a big fan of different creams and balms (I actually think that overuse of all these 'taking-care-pricy-stuff' damage our skin), instead I use more natural ones.

First of all, after all that "teeth cleaning routine", that's needless to describe here, I clean/refresh my skin with Avène Eau Thermale which makes my skin literally breathe. Then, I put a bit of natural hydrating creme from La Roche-Posay. Actually, I'm not used to use cremes under my makeup, being afraid of the fact that my face will look too "shiny". But as winter comes, my skin becomes too dry I can hardly smile. This creme is a total miracle, as it absorbs fast under the skin and makes it stay hydrated for a looong time.
The next step (which I usually do in the evening but, if I've got time and possibility I do in in the morning as well) are eyes. I put a bit of refreshing gel from Yver Rocher under my eyes so that the skin stays hydrated and it also prevents eye bags.

Next part is makeup!
For my simple everyday 'no make up' make up I use:

1. Kiko Mascara
2. NAKED2 palette (foxy+tease)
3. MaxFactor Mastertouch Concealer
4. Avon eyeshadows primer
5. MaxFactor compact foundation
6. Lancome powder
7. Cutie Pinguin lip balm
8. Sephora eyebrow shadows

And, if it's necessary, I also adjust my hair...

I use an argan oil to soften my hair + sometimes, when lazyness wins and I've got no powers/time to clean my hair, I use a dry shampoo by Lush.

Tha's pretty much all! Hope you enjoyed this post, see you very soon x

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