Since the summer has started, I realized how amazing do I feel with absence of school. Doubtless, everyone of you, either you're student or worker, will agree with me. Personally, I'm not talking about laziness and my lackadaisical attitude to studying, conversely I think that I can self-develop and success in it without mediation of school or university. That's what I'm gonna do this summer. I have so many plans for it! Firstly, I'm gonna do an english exam which I was talking about in my previous post. Also, I'm gonna sign up to the driving school. And not to forget about travelling and hobbies! I feel sooo inspired now to realize all my projects.
Anyway, I'm proud to say that these photographs are absolutely unretouched, except first two pix (I just added some extra filters in PS, nothing more). I consider these photos perfect as they are, and I'm not refering to my appearence or look - from photographical angle these pictures are perfect to me. Even though there were too much sun and some of them are not focused, they're so bright and atmosferic, they transmit different sensations such as feeling of the breeze and sun on your face, sound of the sea, hot sand under your feet and the cries of seagulls.

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