Favourite places. Rome (see ya soon!!!).


Being a foreigner in a beautiful city gives you a privilege to discover more and more places, notice small particular things, invisible to local's eyes. For most of us, obviously, Rome would remain as an old and eternal city, a sort of "museum under the sky", full of places of interest with centuries of history. The same it means to me. I've been few times in this unforgettable place, but certainly I would like to come back again and again and enjoy its greatness and atmosphere.
I do not like to travel knit groups of tourists, follow the umbrella of the guide and learn about new things through headphones. Much more enjoyable and informative for me is to discover the place by myself. For example, buy a guidebook, and, if it's necessary, switch on the navigation system and go by foot, in search of new places and adventures. In such moments, you feel alone in a huge city, and towards you there are a lot of mysteries, secrets, unknown places and new faces.
And so I was able do explore the Rome. I know a lot about this city, but only that I learnt by myself, discovered by myself and saw by myself. Last time I was in this 'eternal city' about a month ago, and I got to go there again on Sunday. This time it will give me the opportunity not only to see various places as a tourist, but to learn something new and, perhaps take a step forward in my future career.
And what's your favourite italian city? You know, I've just got an idea to write about some of my favourite italian cities I've visited before. What do you think? Let me know, cause the anonymous commentaries are allowed here. xx

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