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Hey, readers! It's been awile since my recent post. All this time I... wait, I was just relazing and enjoying the summer. Nothing special. And of course, I should have found a little time to write a new post, but my laziness reached a 80 level and I just watch films, read books, go out with my friends and do nothing useful as well. And there're no photo with me to share with you (Just this one, that you can see up here, an old one. Wearing terranova shirt and H&M shorts). Tomorrow I'm gonna do a perrrrrfect shooting with friend of mine so wait for it!
Also, less than in a week I'm gonna depart to... a secret destination. Ha ha. Wait for more information! But it's gonna be a great experience for me. Anyway, I finally feel a wave of inspiration and producivity coming towards me, and I know why. Recently some thoughts fill my brain more and more every day and I can't help but do something to make them become reality. I also plan to write some informative and useful posts, what do you think about it?
Below I'd like to share some of my photos done in these days. Nothing special, just kinda 'moments of my life'. xx see ya soon:)

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