Pic Nic, Exam, Photos. (iPhone update)


Hello beautiful world! Friday was absolutely amazing day full of positive emotions and fun. Regardless on our fear of rain and on superstition of some guys (do u remember that it was Friday the 13th?) we had such fun. After the school finished, we desided to organize a picnic at the park in my town - just to spend some time together, because some guys also depart in these days in their home countries. As you can see, we had fun, really. We ate some delicious things, shared news, thoughts, laughed. Looking forward to repeating this day. Even if we should have been more, we had fun anyway. 

And today I did my exam. Finally. After 31 weeks of hard working and studying, courses, listening practice I finally did it. Regardless on the fact that I don't know what mark did I get and I have to continue the exam tomorrow, I already feel happy. Now I can sleep peacefully!
Unfortunately I've got photos only from the picnic. Hope you enjoy them <3

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