Hello beautiful world! Nice to see you in my blog. I don't want to tell a lot about me - hope you'll make a right impression throughout my future posts. My name is Anastasia, and, this is not my very first blog. I've been writing in my russian blog (if you want, give a look here) for a year and firstly I had another one for about three years. During these years I noticed that blogging is in my blood and I can't stop writing and sharing photos with you. Having much free time due to my summer holidays I thought - what if I create a blog for my italian friends? Guess, it would be interesting for them! So here it is. I decided to write in English firstly, just to exercise a little bit for my future FCExam (please ignore my mistakes) and later I'm gonna add also italian here. Anyway, "Fiat Lux" 's not gonna have a specific theme, on the contrary it may contain a variety of subjects I adore: photography, fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Also, you can follow me on another sites like TumblrVKTwitter or you can follow me on Instagram (@andyregen) if you want.
Thank you for your attention and see you on the next post! :)

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